Friday, May 8, 2015

When Women Play the Game: Mya Stone

Mya Stone by Bodach
Mya Stone is like the mules she rides so adeptly: stubborn, calm, and great on the rocky terrain of the Vale. The first words she says are: “The mules know the way, Ser Brynden.” She sounds like she knows the path to the Eyrie in the dark just as well as the mules, especially since she’s made it a hundred times. She verifies that it’s less about the mules and more about her when she adds, that “Mychel says my father must have been a goat.”1 Ser Lothor, who seems to crush on Stone, later tells Sansa that Stone would not wait long for Lord Robert Arryn to descend the mountain with her, for she was as stubborn as her mules. “She’s half mule herself, that one. I think she’d leave us all to starve before she’d put those animals at risk,” he says.5