Friday, October 17, 2014

A Review of The Elizabethan Session

I’d written here once before when I first started the blog on whether Queen Elizabeth I should be considered a feminist icon (though I think it should be more aptly titled “The Dichotomous Image of Queen Elizabeth I”). She never really leaves us, her reign having such a cultural, geographical and political impact on the Western world. Recently, a group of eight European folk singers stayed for five nights at the Connington House in Hatfield, where Elizabeth Tudor had been raised. Inspired by their location, they wrote songs about Elizabeth, her reign and the time period. Recurring themes include her ruthlessness and gender discourse. Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr, Jim Moray, Bella Hardy, John Smith, Emily Askew, Hannah James and Rachel Newton together create a new folk supergroup to rival The Full English, in which Sam Sweeney and Nancy Kerr also partake.