Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rain: A Fan Film About Storm

The delightful Maya Glick, like so many others, believes that a female superhero could carry her own movie. Her ideal character that could is the X-Man Storm. What's different about the X-Men from other superheroes is that they aren't really superheroes. They were born with a mutated gene; they are supposedly the next evolutionary step. Other heroes are aliens or turned into superheroes from freak accidents. Mutants must learn to control their powers from puberty. Their call for heroism comes from the defense of their own safety as well as protecting others from mutants would would see harm to humans, or "flatscans". Storm is the epitome of the dream that humans and mutants can work together.

Storm is one who embodies an emotional drive of a story, led by her gut, despite reason. She is a matronly, noble, respectful, even haughty woman, while passionate, street-smart, reckless, and wild like the weather she commands. She can be lethal in combat and does not fret to kill if necessary. She's tied to nature on every level, but when she's dropped into a city and let her loose, it's even more impressive. She's a criminal, a self-proclaimed goddess, a queen, and a mutant. Storm is a walking dichotomy and deserves her own movie, and Glick is here to give it to us in the form of her fan film RAIN, which she needs help finishing. You can hear Glick talk more about the project here. Her passion for and knowledge of the character is exciting and refreshing. She understands Storm at the basic and complex levels necessary to create a good movie.

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