Tuesday, April 29, 2014

25 Reasons Why We Need Feminism in the Media

I originally wrote this feature for Brilliant Bias.

The media hurts women and prevent society from accepting women as valuable, contributing, equal members of society.  It’s not just from photoshopped ads to show ideal (and unattainable) looks and sizes; it’s everywhere.  Below are 25 examples in music, movies, television, novels, and comic books.

1. “Blurred Lines” exists and actually became a chart topper, a song supporting rape and the blurred lines of consensual and nonconsensual sex.  Singer Charlotte Church discussed pornographic sexuality and the exploitation of women in her speech at BBC 6 Music’s annual John Peel Lecture.  I believe in free speech, but smartly, schools all across the world have banned it.  There’s no point in supporting a song that promotes the idea of rape.  The video is even worse, depicting topless women with nude-colored thongs traipsing around in front of the camera with ridiculous props like they don’t know they look like complete idiots, while Pharrell, T.I., and Robin Thicke look on with lustful eyes and all their clothes on.