Sunday, January 26, 2014

When Women Play the Game: Arya Stark

Not Today by Zhang Ke
Often told she looked like a boy, Arya Stark acted the part, too.  Catelyn describes her younger daughter:
“And Arya, well... Ned’s visitors would oft mistake her for a stableboy if they rode into the yard unannounced. Arya was a trial, it must be said. Half a boy and half a wolf pup. Forbid her anything and it became her heart’s desire. She had Ned’s long face, and brown hair that always looked as though a bird had been nesting in it. I despaired of ever making a lady of her. She collected scabs as other girls collect dolls, and would say anything that came into her head. I think she must be dead too.” When she said that, it felt as though a giant hand were squeezing her chest. “I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one, every one.” (A Clash of Kings, Chapter 55)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When Women Play the Game: Catelyn Stark

Note: I previously wrote on Catelyn Stark over at Nerdy Pop, but I thought I'd post a more detailed analysis of her character here at Anything You Can Do.

Catelyn and Sansa by Martina Cecilia
In the TV series especially, Catelyn Stark is seen as a shrew in the beginning.  As the show progresses, she becomes more like her character in the book.  While she never felt like Winterfell was her home during her marriage to Ned Stark, she longs for it after her Ned had died.  To her, family is everything, and she will fight with her all until they are all together again.  Her family is her life.  She tells Brienne in A Clash of Kings: “As hard as birth can be, Brienne, what comes after is even harder. At times I feel as though I am being torn apart. Would that there were five of me, one for each child, so I might keep them all safe” (Chapter 45).