Monday, December 31, 2012

Guest Post - 2012: The Year of the Girl

My co-writer Auddie P over at Nerdy Pop has a special guest post for us, a well-written, summary of the best things to come out of 2012 for girls.  It truly was an inspiring year and certainly looks to be progressing (but with much fight from some groups) for females with an increasing importance on women in business and film production.

In 1912 Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Girl Scouts declared this year, 2012, The Year of the Girl. As we tend to do, on the final days of the year, I've been reflecting on 2012 and have noticed that they might have been right. Women made records and impacted our country significantly this year in many ways. Below are several examples of how they've made 2012 the year of the girl.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Support The Big Feminist BUT!

Just in time for the holidays, you can buy yourself or your feminist-nerd friends a gift they'll love!  Go donate to The Big Feminist BUT graphic novel kickstarter, a collection of mini comics dedicated to the taboo of the feminist label.  The final book, which needs help going to the printers, will be 8x10 and 200 pages in black and white.  The book, if bought, will ship in February 2013.  For a list of creators, click past the jump or go to the kickstarter.