Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Older Woman As Lead Not a Major Crime

I'm alive!

In Episode 2 of its first season, Major Crimes' star Captain Sharon Raydor, played by the ever-amazing Mary McDonnell, states her displeasure with those who think her too old to run the department. Commander Taylor tells her why she hasn't proven herself leadership material and clarifies: "The job is a promotion and it's a gift, one that usually doesn't happen to people after they qualify for retirement."  Raydor retorts quickly: "So considering how many people would like to replace and how old I am, I should just take this job and be grateful, is that what you're saying?"  It is this confrontation in the show that provides the rationale of this show;s very existence.  Can a show with a female lead take off?
I think they're about to cross....and just look at all those men.  Barely enough room for the two women!