Saturday, March 31, 2012

Was Queen Elizabeth I a feminist icon?

Likely the most realistic of her everyday appearance
I'd like to raise a matter of debate: Was/Is Queen Elizabeth I a feminist icon?

Why should there be a debate about this?  Let me explain the circumstances revolving around Elizabeth's life, political prowess, and the period in which she was born.

Sure, queens were of no shortage in Elizabeth's day.  They happened to inherit the throne.  That didn't mean men, or even women, loved it.  It was theirs by birth or by marriage.  In a time when killing and plotting a king or queen's death was a common matter, a crown had to be safe at all times and command with a resolve that far outweighs those of the cruelest tyrants within the last century.  A fear of death and a fear of loss of power would drive a man (or in this case a woman) to overcompensate.

Young Feminist Leadership Conference

If you're not at the Young Feminist Leadership Conference in D.C. this weekend, you can watch some of the panels on ustream, live or previously recorded.  EXCITING!  I hope to go next year.

Monday, March 12, 2012

KEZ's Provides Worthy Warrior Woman

What It Takes is a webcomic, started in 2009, by Karen "KEZ" Howard.  The webcomic came to fruition by her noticing of the lack of well-rounded woman warriors. KEZ explains upon her first strip's publishing, "Welcome to my newest creation that's been on the backburner ever since I saw the horror that is every single 'female warrior' show or movie from ages past. This is the story of Colbey, a martial artist who survives the end of the world. It is rated R. There will be blood, guts, swearing, but it should for the most part, be always SFW."  The webcomic is a smart, quick read and provides a female lead worthy of a movie role. Colbey is as deadly with gun as she is with a knife, but she's hesitant to kill unless she needs to.  The sense of danger and realism in What It Takes lurks around every update with gangs, bar brawls, and the survival of the fittest.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Katrina Law on Spartacus' Mira

TV Guide recently interviewed Katrina Law on her role as Mira in Starz' Spartacus.  I get if you're not a fan, but the show is grounded in the historical realities of sensual fulfillment and brutal backstabbing (Get it?  Brutus?  Literally and figuratively backstabbing Caesar?) with rich characters, characters who also happen to be strong females.  I love the warrior women vibe the slave women always gave off, but it could never really come to fruition until now (though Ilythia always is ruthless in a different fashion).

Women Key to Election Winner

With all the controversy surrounding recent women-oriented political issues, mostly revolving around contraception, individual rights, and military involvement, female voters, as the majority, will be crucial in the coming election.  It seems that the tide has turned, and women are supporting the Democrats, despite many disliking Obama anymore.  The republicans have been saying degrading, outrageously ignorant comments about women. It seems that only the most evangelical and ignorant women are voting for the Republicans.  I'm not sure I can stomach another comment made from a dumb politician who knows nothing of female concerns nor rights and thinks that we should revert to the 50s.