Thursday, November 22, 2012

Restless Mini-Series on Sundance

Restless cast, photo courtesy of Sundance Channel
Sure to win awards, Restless will air December 7 and 14 as a two-part mini-series on the Sundance Channel.  Charlotte Rampling plays Sally, a former British spy during WWII.  Sally worries that now 30 years after the war someone is trying to kill her, to which she warns her daughter.  Throughout the series, we will see her spy story unfold in a thrilling, dangerous, and adventurous way.  Hayley Atwell plays young Sally.  I love movies that highlight the importance of women during war and the vital roles they served.  I cannot WAIT to see this!  At least it's not the old woman technically on her death bed trope, right?  I would love to see more women like Red, where Helen Mirren plays a former spy, but still gets into the action as an older woman.  I also suggest a similar movie (and book) in Charlotte Gray, starring Cate Blanchett as a WWII spy.  See the trailer for Restless after the jump.

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