Saturday, March 31, 2012

Young Feminist Leadership Conference

If you're not at the Young Feminist Leadership Conference in D.C. this weekend, you can watch some of the panels on ustream, live or previously recorded.  EXCITING!  I hope to go next year.

This year, though, is probably when it's most necessary to rally as feminists.  Women comprise a larger percentage of voters than men, and it's crucial that feminists, both women and men, show up to vote for those who support women's rights in the working world, healthcare, political power, and social equality.  If we don't want women's rights taken away, we need to vote and share to the ignorant what is happening to women now.  We cannot allow such lunacy to continue.  Remember: Social media is our friend.  It's okay to share women's rights articles on facebook.  Many of your friends may not be aware of what's happening.  In this morning's panel, Melanie L. Campbell, President and CEO of National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, said of rallying together for organization, "Some of us are gonna have to go to jail and fight for our voting rights!...We gotta make some noise that we're ready to fight!"

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