Saturday, December 10, 2011

International Human Rights Day

December 6th marks a day that should be a celebrated holiday.  Not only did the U.N. decide it should be International Human Rights Day, but Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a historical speech that will hopefully have an impact on society.  Read on for the video and a link to the transcript.

Patty Jenkins Off Thor 2

I'm disappointed to report that Patty Jenkins will no longer be directing Thor 2.  BUT!  It was a mutual parting, which led to talks of Jenkins helming an upcoming Marvel franchise.  She's good at grit, so maybe they'll give her Cloak & Dagger?  Maybe she'll direct a Luke Cage movie?  Dr. Strange?  No.  Dr. Strange?  No.  Dazzler?!  Maybe...  Either way, another Marvel movie will at least have a decently big budget (probably not as big as Thor or Iron Man...but big).  What do you think she'll direct?  Will she direct the Jessica Jones Alias series (written by Melissa Rosenberg).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mindy Kaling's New Project

Mindy Kaling has finally revealed her project: an animated series.  She'll executive produce, write, and voice a character on the series about a high school volleyball team.  Even if it's like a bunch of mini movies of a frakked-up sports teams, it doesn't matter because Mindy Kaling makes everything better.