Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Do We Change Them?

My dad just told me, "I'm glad women weren't typically in the military.  They'd be telling you what to do the entire time and make you nervous.  People would end up shot on your own side because of it."  Dear.  God.  He also said a few months ago that women would think too much on the battlefield and wouldn't be able to get the job done.  Okay, Dad, let's generalize a little bit more.  This is proof that tradition and surroundings don't make the next generation.  My beliefs are shaped by my experiences, my knowledge, and my own personality.  I swear my Dad tells em this just to get a rile out of me.  I've refuted him before, and it doesn't change anything.  Nothing changes people set in their ways.  So the question is: How do we change thoughts if they aren't open to it?  How do we open their minds?  I've provided proof of equality, I've declared my feminism, yet here we are: stagnant.  Is all this for nothing?  Is it simply to satisfy our own thoughts?  Progress is female representation in the media, politics, and work is slow-moving.  How can we get equality faster?  What can we do to step it up?

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