Friday, October 14, 2011

Women, Women Everywhere!

Finally women are getting noticed by the media.

Featured in this month's Fortune is a list of the U.S.'s 50 most powerful women in business.  It also features the world's 50 most powerful women.  Another article talks about why there hasn't been a female Mark Zuckerberg, but there will be soon.

In related news, Glamour features an article on the lack of women in the technological field.  One article also mentions the conundrum of average or fat men getting hot women to date or as wives and the lack of the vice versa relationship (though they point out that they'd like to see Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy, but they've been husband and wife in The Nines).  They also have a preview of Mindy Kaling's book, which I'm excited for.

And The New York Times featured an article on the three women who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  It's an inspiring read, and we have something to look forward to in the advancement of women around the world!

You can watch the first episode "I Came to Testify" of PBS's Women, War, and Peace online.  Go and watch!  It's heartbreaking, angering, and inspiring at the same time!

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