Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PBS Gets Girly

In a charge led by Geena Davis, PBS (via Independent Television Service) will air the first wave of over fifty documentaries revolving around powerful women in the next nine months.  Perhaps PBS will give birth to a change in female representation in the media?  (Get it?  Nine months?  Give birth?)  The program will last three years, starting with 11 October 2011.  That's right: Tuesday.  Read on for more detailed info and the impact the program plans on having.

The first documentary to air will be the first in a five-part series called Women, War & Peace.  It's about sixteen women testifying in international court, rising above the rape and imprisonment during the Bosnian war.  Sally Jo Fifer, ITVS President and CEO states in, "But beyond the national PBS broadcasts, Women and Girls Lead will take this content directly to communities through our groundbreaking engagement programs. Our goal is that these unforgettable films will spark not only conversation, but will also ignite meaningful change in the lives of women and girls everywhere."

The article continues on the subject, "The campaign will include local events, partnerships with various organizations, prominently including Girl Scouts of America, and a presence on websites and social media."  This sounds like an incredible, impactful event.

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