Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Official: Patty Jenkins to Direct Thor 2!

Thank you, Marvel.  Patty Jenkins is officially signed on to direct Thor 2.  A woman directing a mainstream action movie?  Awesome!  Breaking molds!  Jenkins' previous directorial projects included the beloved Monster and an episode of Arrested Development.  It's doubtful that a woman has ever directed a movie with a budget this large.  Thor's films are experimental, after all.  Kenneth Branagh, whose experience largely lies within the Shakespearean realm, was hired for Thor, which was a large leap of faith.  I was expecting more of the Shakespearean language, but they were asked to water it down.  Obviously Jenkins has a great idea for Thor 2 that really struck a chord with Marvel's movie execs.  Hopefully she'll amp up the intelligence of Jane Foster and balance the action with romance.  Thor will surely continue to find his humanity and connection to humanity through Jane Foster.

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