Monday, October 31, 2011

British Royal Line of Succession Changes

It's been a long time coming.  And I mean a really long time.  Britain has seen its share of queens ruling alone, some having been a sore subject on the history of their political power (Bloody Mary) and some having been inspirational figures (Boudicca), and now we just might see more in the future.  The British royal succession has officially been changed as of Friday to include the eldest female, rather than the eldest male.  Not that I exactly like the idea of a monarchy, but hey, it's a step up!

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly is excited for the change, as are many.  There are a few who aren't, though, such as the anti-monarchy group  Republic.  After all, no one else gets a chance, right?  Graham Smith, Republic campaign manager, stated, "It is crass to suggest that any tinkering with the monarchy is an issue of equality — it makes a laughing stock of Britain.  The monarchy is founded on discrimination and elitism. It has no place in a debate over equality of opportunity."  I'm sure Chumbawumba would agree.

Though the new amendment allows the first-born female as an heir apparent, the crown does still not permit the heir apparent to be a Catholic, but they are permitted to marry a Catholic.  Seriously.  I get that England hasn't had a great history with Catholicism, but come on.  I guess religious tolerance is always the last thing to be had. 

But here's to another step in gender equality in the Western World!

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