Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Night I Cried at the Emmys

I cried.  I admit it.  I cried during the Emmys at 8:45 pm Eastern Standard Time.  When Amy Poehler quickly stood up and ran to the stage, I laughed so hard I cried (as I thought she was going to up fake accept the award).  Then she stood there, pumped, eager, as if she was waiting for the biggest moment of her life, like she was a finalist in American Idol.  And then Melissa McCarthy joined her in what then seemed to be a beauty pageant contest as the two held hands with nervous smiles, hunched.  Martha Plimpton followed, and then Edie Falco, with Tina Fey excitedly jumping up to the stage, and then lastly Laura Linney joining them to complete the final contestants on the stage.  Before the winner was announced, the crowd, led by Don Cheadle, stood and cheered wildly.  And I cried, so excited that women were getting the attention they deserved.  Every woman up there has taken funny to a new level and has broken barriers, and their talents should make them win actual beauty pageants.  I could not stop crying and smiling.
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And then Rob Lowe calls Melissa McCarthy's name as the winner.  And her reaction was incredible, as if she doesn't know how awesome she is, and all the ladies up there hugged it out, and generally looked happy for each other and excited that Melissa won.  When she was crowned with a huge tiara, given a bouquet of roses, and handed the Emmy, I cried more, because I felt she sooo deserved this, and she was the opposite of what a beauty pageant is, and is the epitome of what is should be.  So many thoughts went through my head as she adorably stumbled over her acceptance speech.

Later, Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy present two actor awards, in which they introduce it by saying that men are finally getting good roles and that they are glad and proud that they broke through the glass ceiling.  It was hilarious, sardonic, and critical all at the same time.  they knew they did something special that night.  They knew that they were taking part in a media revolution in relation to gender role.

And Jane Lynch's opening song was incredible and hilarious.  This year is the ladies' year for the Emmys.

PS--what's with the annoying cell-phone-like sound the entire show, or is that me imagining it?

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