Monday, January 25, 2010

My Top Feminist Films

I've rated MY top five feminist films, not in really any order.  Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies tend to have strong female roles, both villainous and heroic.

5. Lord of the Rings
The few women in these films make them feminist. Galadriel is possibly the most powerful non-evil being in middle-earth. She's incredibly wise (not to mention creepy). Arwen's an all-around awesome character. She is willing to defy her father's will and sacrifice her immortality for a life with Aragorn. And Eowyn is....argh! Eowyn is so awesome, you guys! Her biggest fear is to be caged. She can fight (and fight well). She's brave, and she does what men do (and at one point even what they can't do...destroy the Witch-King!!! BADASS!!!!!). She's just amazing.

4. Drag Me to Hell
A business woman tries to get ahead in the corporate world, and in doing so, she ends up being cursed when she denies a loan which she really wants to approve. Strong female characters are the lead and pivotal roles. Gypsies, goats, saliva, and fire also make big appearances.

3. Bend It Like Beckham
It's been a while since I've seen this film, but a film about two 18-year-old girls who defy their parents wishes of becoming domestic to go for their dreams of being soccer players.

2. She's the Man
I love this movie like crazy. The fact that Viola, played by Amanda Bynes, goes to the lengths of pretending to be her brother to play sports and to show the guys that ladies can play just as well as the guys is something that makes this truly feminist.

1. Mists of Avalon
In Mists, the focus is Morgaine, who is raised in Avalon, where women are taught the ways of the goddess, to be self-sufficient, to develop their gifts from the goddess, and even to fight. The Lady of the Lake, Vivianne, needs to man in her life. She is the instrument of the mother goddess. Only men of Avalon blood are permitted to set foot on its soil. Again the focus is on the women as the main source of power (often conflicting with each other), which leads to them intervening with fate and saving the old religion while the new one begins to spread.

Honorable mention: 9 to 5. DOLLY!

What are yours?

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